SeedCon 2017: Friday, October 20, 2017

Agenda to be released in coming weeks!


See below for last year's agenda;





Opening Remarks


A Fireside Chat with Brad Keywell
CEO and cofounder of Uptake led by Caralynn Collens, CEO of UI Labs, on Brad's experiences as a founder and investor, and what he sees coming for the Chicago startup community.




Panel: So you think you can Manage? (Start-up Edition)
Whether you’re managing someone else’s tech, thinking about timing, or deciding on a customer base, you’ll need a unique skill-set to run your start-up. Hear entrepreneurs such as Andy Sparks of Mattermark, Greg Topel of Tanvas, and Jeremiah Greene of EatPurely, as well as investors such as Tyler Engh of R7 Partners, talk about their experience, failures along the way, and keys to management in the world of entrepreneurship.


Patents and Venture Capital: Generating Corporate Value Through Strategic Investments in Intellectual Property
Curious about patents? Attorneys from Finnegan pair up with Ira Weiss of Hyde Park Venture Partners and Imran Ahmad of OCA Ventures to break down the pros and cons of patents for entrepreneurial ventures.


What Does it Really Take to be Creatively Successful?
Neil Stevenson of IDEO looks beneath the surface of design thinking and gives the audience a set of insights and practical tips around creative mindsets and the psychology of innovation.


The State of Women in Venture Capital
Mary Tolan, co-managing director of Chicago Pacific Founders, Gale Bowman, managing director of IrishAngels, Jim Holtzman, CFO of KnowledgeHound and Bailey Moore, head of Wintrust Ventures discuss the state of diversity in VC, challenges women face getting hired and funded by VCs and how it impacts the funding of women-led businesses. The goal is to generate thoughtful dialogue that highlights the economics reasons to encourage diversity in VC and entrepreneurship and the ways that everyone can participate in leading change.


Building a Business with Emerging Technology
Hear about the rise of artificial intelligence and how to build a business with emerging tech from Stuart Frankel, CEO of Narrative Science.


The Exit: A Deep Dive on the Current Exit Climate
Bob McCooey, SVP of listing services at NASDAQ, will lead a panel with Matt McCall, partner at Pritzker Group, Brett Paschke, head of capital markets at William Blair, Shawn Riegsecker, CEO of Centro, and Jai Shekhawat, founder of Fieldglass on prepping for and navigating an exit.